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Masterminded in Hamburg, Germany, Smart Hospital Maintenance has been jointly developed by experienced healthcare companies and seasoned sector experts from around the world with the goal to design a game changer for hospital maintenance.

The hospital maintenance software project is headed by Mr. Herbert Pohl, a well-versed medical technologist with more than forty years of international experience in hospital equipment management and maintenance. Together with the development team, the different needs and requirements of the various user groups were identified and diligently integrated into Smart Hospital Maintenance.

Throughout the development process, healthcare institutions from Germany and around the world participated, resulting in Smart Hospital Maintenance being extensively tested and recognized by industry as a reliable medical equipment maintenance software solution.

Smart Hospital Maintenance


The extensive involvement of sector experts and hospital personnel from the very beginning makes Smart Hospital Maintenance a unique Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for hospitals and any other type of healthcare facilities and their related assets, including medical and non-medical equipment. The healthcare CMMS fully satisfies the expectations of the different user groups, such as hospital directors, administrators, (biomedical) engineers, equipment managers, nurses, doctors and other clinical and non-clinical staff. Thanks to the holistic approach the software is the first choice for public and private entities in charge of the management, performance and supervision of equipment in their various spheres of responsibility and accountability.

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Smart Hospital Maintenance

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