Asset Management

Asset management for hospital equipment includes the entire range of services from acquiring, commissioning, utilising, maintaining and disposing of various physical assets and equipment within a healthcare facility. It covers the management of any asset such as medical/non-medical devices, machinery, building systems, instruments, furniture and other tangible items.

Smart Hospital Maintenance contains the key components for professional asset management and allows the integration of any type of asset. Important asset information is provided on general information, asset condition, location, technical parameters, documents, related assets, history/ service requests/ and work order logs.

software asset management
General Information

General Information

Provide general information on your asset such as an inventory number, asset classification, risk / priority level classification, the location of the asset and information about the manufacturer and service providers.

Technical Details

Enter technical details to depict the performance and technical requirements for your assets. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing information (MEP), IT, medical gases and mounting information can be entered.

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Related Assets

Relate your assets to each other to understand how they are connected. You can assign several parts of a system and generate a list which contains all sub-assets of the entire system. This allows for a clean separation of systems that require different maintenance for certain parts of the system.


Upload asset-related documents for your assets in a conventional folder structure. By setting a document to “Global” you can share this document with all other integrated facilities. This will help your hospital network to collect and complete the technical documentation for your assets.

Related Assets

Service Requests / Work Order Log

All active and completed work orders and service requests are available to your staff which can be accessed conveniently in your digital asset file.

History Log

All changes made to your asset are documented in the history log. The user who made the change, the changed values and the date and time are recorded. This way you keep track of all the changes made to your assets.

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