Work Order Management

Work order management is necessary for professional asset management in any kind of facility. It refers to a formal request that outlines a specific task or maintenance procedure that needs to be performed on an asset. It usually contains a description of work, asset information, the priority level, the location of the asset, materials and resources used and more information.

Work Order Management

Work Order

Once the work has been completed, the work order will be filled out by the responsible technician. All activities including the spare parts and costs will be entered into the work order and stored in the digital asset file for future reference.

Assign to Technician

A technician will be assigned to deal with a task and take responsibility for the technical activities. They receive all relevant information and reports to carry out their work.

Work Order Management

QR Label Scan

Initiate the process by scanning the QR label of your asset to issue a service request. Usually done by end-users such as nurses who usually notice faulty equipment first.

Service Request

All service requests will be sent to your technical service team who will be notified when new ones arrive. This ensures swift response to relevant matters.

Request Validation

Once a service request has been accepted by the technical team, a request validation will follow where a technician will respond to the issue to decide what measures must be taken.

In summary, the work order documentation is the technical documentation that describes what technical services and activities have been performed on an asset.

With Smart Hospital Maintenance, work oder management can be organised in a seamless and well-documented way: work orders can be initiated by scanning a QR label or by selecting the asset in the software.

This allows technicians to report all activities on your valuable assets in no time. During the execution of the work order, the technician has access to the entire asset documentation, history log and relevant documents such as service manuals.

After completion of a work order, the relevant details can be included in a detailed report. The work order log allows you to review previous work orders performed on your assets, giving you a holistic overview of each asset.

work order documentation

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