Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance refers to resolving equipment failure and other unexpected malfunctions. It includes the necessary measures to maintain the functions of the asset and make it fully functional and available for the healthcare facility.

Time is of the essence, especially in corrective maintenance. A healthcare facility needs a corrective maintenance strategy that allows the end-users of the equipment to communicate with the technical service team and quickly organise the necessary activities to correct the malfunction. By addressing the fault as quickly as possible, equipment downtime can be significantly reduced.

With Smart Hospital Maintenance (SHM), the entire corrrective maintenance activities can be organised:

Corrective Maintenance

Service Request

Any end-user can request technical services and track status via the dedicated SHM end user interface.

Assign Corrective Maintenance Tasks

Technicians with appropriate access rights can perform corrective maintenance immediately.

SHM Corrective Maintenance Assets


You can customise the priority level of any asset within SHM. This allows your technical service team to work on your high priority assets first.


Every work order and service request will be documented separately for each asset to provide a detailed overview of your asset’s maintenance history.

Checklists, Guidelines and Service Manuals

Create all the necessary documents to repair the equipment available in Smart Hospital Maintenance.

Decision Making

Thanks to the direct access to the entire asset records on Smart Hospital Maintenance, equipment managers have the necessary data to decide if an asset should be repaired or if a replacement would be more economical.

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