SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE is a healthcare asset management software, also called Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) which is specialised for any kind of healthcare facility. With SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE you can take control of your equipment management and maintenance.

CMMS stands for “Computerized Maintenance Management System”. It describes a certain type of software which manages and tracks assets and provides features to schedule, conduct, and report maintenance activities.

SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE tracks maintenance activities for public and private healthcare facilities or entire organisations with various facilities. It enables the scheduling of planned preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, inspection maintenance and other technical support services. Among many other features, it provides powerful reports and analytics that are seamlessly integrated across your facilities.

Definitely. SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE streamlines and standardizes processes which used to be conducted with paperwork. It allows the user to track and manage maintenance activities and ensure complete documentation of the conducted work. Maintenance strategies such as planned preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and inspection maintenance, along with a service request ticket system to manage work orders are integrated.

With the utilisation of a CMMS, a reduction in equipment downtime and increase of equipment lifespan can be achieved. It allows for data-driven decision-making by providing comprehensive insights of maintenance activities and replacement costs.

SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE is particularly efficient for bigger organisations who seek to integrate multiple facilities in one software solution. Benefit from cross-related insights of various facilities in one place and powerful multi-site management capabilities. SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE tracks equipment data, including the asset status, movements, statistics and reports, across all healthcare facilities to give you a comprehensive overview of your assets to support data-driven decision making. Ever wondered how many hospital beds are being used in your 24 facilities? Look no further in seeking the answer with SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE!

Currently you can seamlessly swap languages with 1-button click between English, German and French. Asset catalogues are available in those languages as well. More languages are planned to be integrated.

Not at all! SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE is designed to satisfy the need of any healthcare facility. From a small dental clinic up to a medical care city, our solution is to be able to provide you with the tools you need to conduct maintenance activities and manage your facility efficiently.

You will be able to compare facilities within the software from various angles and the reports and analytics will grow with every integrated facility. Every additional facility will benefit from the global sharing functionality of documents for equipment, which will increase the range of coverage to ensure proper documentation for all of your assets.

SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE is available on any device as a web application. Provision has been made for a user-friendly interface available on any device of any size. In addition to that, a SHM native app is available on Android and iOS devices.

It is your choice to install the software on your own server or use Smart Hospital Maintenance as “Software as a Service” (SaaS), where we host the software and all data on our secured servers.

SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE offers a high level of flexibility. You can create custom user-roles, access rights, status attributes and much more. Benefit from a software that adapts to you!

While implementing a new system is a sensitive topic, our team from SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE will guide you through every step during the implementation phase. Every customer will receive a relationship manager who will schedule trainings and aid you to start utilizing the software based on individual needs.

Yes, our experts will take care of your existing data and integrate it into SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE. The majority of data can be integrated due to the high flexibility of the software.

You can integrate as many facilities as you like and manage all of them with our multi-site capabilities. Our Team will assist you in planning and executing the integration.

By allowing your staff to issue service requests, your technical service team will be able to review the request within the software and schedule a technician to initiate any technical service required to resolve the issue. The software is generating insights at any stage of this process.

Yes, work orders are managed through the service request system or manually by the technical service to document any work orders executed for an asset.

The SHM-Database contains over 18.000 registered manufacturers, over 70.000 registered models of medical equipment and over 6.000 asset nomenclatures. The utilization of the SHM-Database is optional and can be adapted to individual needs.

You can upload documents relating to any asset within the software. Even global documents relating to your facility can be managed with SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE.

SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE provides the functionality to share contacts and documents which are related to an asset. By ticking the “global” attribute, you will make this contact / document available for every integrated facility, allowing for efficient data acquisition and to provide documentation to facilities which may be missing them. For example, the possibility to share technical manuals for devices of the same brand and model amongst facilities saves engineers time and increases efficiency.

Definitely! SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE allows you to incorporate ANY kind of contact assigned to your asset. We distinguish between general contacts, source of funding contacts and ownership contacts. For example, you can make contact details of external service providers available to the engineers and equipment manager that takes care of the day-to-day equipment management and maintenance.

The answer is yes! SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE offers a QR Code generator and allows customisation of your labels. These QR Codes can be attached to your assets and scanned for efficient hospital asset tracking. We also offer hardware packages with label printers including labels.

Certainly! You can attach contracts for your assets and manage them in a professional manner.

With SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE, you are well equipped to manage your cost and purchases for hospital assets, allowing you to document purchases, warranties, installation dates and many more financial attributes.

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) is a maintenance strategy which focuses on the prevention of equipment breakdown. This is achieved by scheduling inspections for your equipment in regular intervals or as proposed by the manufacturer. Any indications of wear and tear will be addressed immediately as well as replacement of technical consumable to prevent a breakdown in the first place. Software solutions such as SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE can increase the effect of PPM by reminding your personnel on outstanding PPM-activities and keeping track of all activities in a calendar.

Corrective Maintenance (CM) is a maintenance strategy which focuses on the repair of defective or malfunctioning equipment. Usually, the maintenance team is notified by an end-user that a specific piece of equipment is defective and the maintenance team will respond as soon as possible to reduce the downtime of the equipment.

Inspection Maintenance is conducted based on the internal healthcare asset maintenance system of the facility. The assets will be examined based on technical parameters to determine the status and the required measures to keep the asset functional and reliable.

By addressing equipment breakdown with a professional maintenance strategy, the downtime of equipment can be reduced. This will have a major impact on smooth business operation and reduce the cost if equipment systems are out of order.

Planned Preventive Maintenance is conducted (according to a schedule either provided by the manufacturer or created by the Equipment Manager) before the equipment breaks down and has the goal to prevent any breakdown fromhappening in the first place. Whereas Corrective Maintenance is conducted after the equipment has broken down with the goal to repair it.

Workshop management describes how the technical department of a facility is managing their tools, technical consumables and related documents to provide a foundation for effective equipment management and maintenance. With SMART HOSPITAL MAINTENANCE, you will be able to create a digital representation of your workplace and assign your tools and consumables.

Smart Hospital Maintenance allows the user to create custom facility categories which enables the integration of any type of healthcare facility to the system.