Facility Integration

With Smart Hospital Maintenance, it is your choice how many health facilities you integrate. A top-down approach (e.g. with a standardised database of assets and documentation across all facilities) allows you to keep track while your hospital network can operate independently as you integrate new facilities into the software. This way you can measure their performance and statistics while maintaining their privacy and operational management.

Facility Integration

Unlimited Healthcare Facilities

Integrate and manage each of your facilities. Global users can set the framework and parameters that all or selected facilities or user (groups) must adhere to. This allows you to streamline the process and documentation for your facility. Facility-level-management is still flexible and can be customised for each facility.

healthcare facilities

Integrate New Healthcare Facilities

Smart Hospital Maintenance makes it easy to add new healthcare facilities. First, you are guided step-by-step to add all facility buildings, followed by their floors, departments and rooms. Then you can easily add assets to the rooms and use additional features such as QR label printing.

new healthcare facilities

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