Inspection Maintenance

While inspection maintenance shares similarities with planned preventive maintenance, it is not quite the same. Inspection maintenance is a systematic process of regular testing and evaluation of hospital assets. The aim is to identify problems with the equipment before they have a negative impact on its functionality. It includes visual inspections, functional tests and basic assessments that identify problems at an early stage.

Inspection maintenance involves regular assessments of assets to identify any signs of wear and tear, potential hazards or deviations from standard operating condition. However, inspection maintenance does not always have to be tied to a fixed schedule, as is the case with planned preventive maintenance.

With Smart Hospital Maintenance, inspection maintenance can be well organised in one software solution.

Inspection Maintenance

Activity Overview

SHM provides a comprehensive overview of your inspection and maintenance activities for each day, week, month and year in a calendar or list format.

Inspection Templates

With Smart Hospital Maintenance, you can create inspection template plans for asset types, groups or specific brands and models. Once added, they will be automatically considered for all assets for seamless inspection operations.

Staff Scheduling

Involve your technicians in the inspection of your valuable assets to determine the condition and initiate the necessary measures to maintain your assets.

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