Asset Matching

A smart feature that automatically matches assets of the same type, brand and model in all your facilities.

Capture the full range of your assets and know exactly what share of equipment is from which manufacturer. This allows you to improve data-driven decision-making and ensure that you make the best possible decision.

Asset Matching

How It Works

Integrate any number of assets into Smart Hospital Maintenance to benefit from its functionality. All integrated assets are automatically matched with a global database. This gives you insight into all your assets, regardless of their location.

Within the facility, you will have to select from a catalogue of standardised asset names, manufacturers and brands. Various classification systems make it easy to find the right assets in no time.

How it Works

Sharing Is Caring

By uploading and sharing technical documents related to your assets, you contribute to the global knowledge pool of your specific asset database. Other facilites within your network will automatically receive these specifications once they add the specific asset to their own facility. In return, you will also benefit from the information provided by other facilities.


Asset matching gives you a powerful tool for investigating your facilities. You can generate various reports on the functionality of manufacturers, models, specific departments of your facilities or all of them together. Have you ever wondered how many Siemens, GE or Philips devices are in your facility and if they are working? No problem with Smart Hospital Maintenance.

Sharing is Caring

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